Best apps for latest news and information!

Best apps for latest news and information!

March 11, 2021 0 By currenta

With the help of the right news apps and tools, we can easily get to know about what is going on in this planet. Today, people lead a busy life and they have hardly any time to read newspapers or watch TV for latest news. In such cases, news apps on smartphones can do the trick.

Similarly, people working in the corporate world need to constantly update themselves with whatever is going in the world of finance, banking and the business world. It is important that we should have updates about the stock markets and whatever that is happening in our economy. There are various topics that are available on these news apps and you can choose the topic you prefer and you will come across all the highlights related to it.

The best news apps which are available now days can display the news about the fashion world, sports, business and finance, sales of various products and what all advancements that are happening in the world of technology.

The main thing about news on social media apps is that we can also witness the reviews on such news by various people across the globe. They will express their views which include both positive as well as negative views on such events.

Google News

Google News is one of the best platforms where you can read news about all parts of the world. It does not highlight on one particular niche, but publishes news about various niches and segments. They have full coverage panels and bigger stories are available out here. You will also come across various tweets and videos on the same and all the news are relevant here.

Microsoft News

This one is similar to Google News as you can chose from wide range of topics but you can choose your own publishers or sources. In this news app, you can also choose the country where you wish to read the news. This app has also got dark mode and you can adjust the size of the text as well. Microsoft News app is available for Windows 10, iPhone, Android and iPad.


Flipboard is more like a digital magazine. It highlights on various hot stories around the world including our choice of news sources, blogs and also many interesting highlights. They do not prefer leaving behind any topic and covers about almost all the niches like technology, market, finance, productivity, fashion and what not.


This is one of the best daily news apps which provides top news from multiple international sources and presents the news in the form of a summary which is easy to read. If you want to read the full article, you can swipe right and you can read the lengthy version of the news.