How To Recycle Your Old Phone

How To Recycle Your Old Phone

January 24, 2021 0 By currenta

The time has come for a cleanout. There’s a fair chance that you’ve got a cell, or phones, that you don’t use lying around at home anymore. Its value decreases every month, and it heads closer to the oblivion of security-update-free obsolescence.

Before the situation gets worse, let’s do something about it. For your old phone, there are three decent routes. You can donate it to one of the many charitable organizations that either place it in the hands of someone in need or “convert” it to cash without having you do the heavy lifting.

How To Recycle Your Old Phone


Reconnected is called Three’s cell phone donation program. It is a collaboration with GSUK, a large company that, by selling old and returned stock, helps retailers and manufacturers avoid landfill. There’s a positive ethical claim even though other customers use GSUK to recover some value from returned stock.

Phones you send to Three Reconnected are either recycled if they fail the standard quality controls of GSUK or find their way to organizations in the group.

Trade-In Your Phone

A stack of businesses offers capital for telephone trading. There are programs for recycled mobile. Don’t take too literally the word “recycling.” Most just get your phone in, check it over and then sell it to another person. You can search the websites of these businesses for quotes, provide you with a courier sticker, and typically pay fairly quickly after it is sent.


CeX, the high-street store, is the obvious place to personally offload your phone. A store front presence means that you usually earn less money than from one of the recyclers of the remote phone. However, if you take store credit rather than cash, the figure bumps up dramatically.


One of the most generous phone trade-in sites is Envirofone. It has a much lower black and white grading scheme than Mazuma Mobile or Music Magpie, and the Three and O2 trade-in systems were used by its parent company. In July 2020, however, Envirofone went into administration and was acquired in September by TES.

Its terms and conditions mean that you can still get a fair trade-in offer for a phone in solid condition, but after the purchase, internal operating practices may have changed.

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