Much needed accessories for your new iPhone 11&12!

Much needed accessories for your new iPhone 11&12!

December 25, 2020 0 By currenta

This year has been great for Apple. With the addition of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series to the Apple family, the need for the best accessories that can go well with your new Apple iPhone has become more important too.  You should always visit the apple buying guides which will take you through the items which are available that you can combine with your super shiny metallic iPhone. There are various accessories which are available for your apple phones.

Apple phones have been super great for photographers because of its amazing camera quality. Apart from the important accessories for your iPhone’s camera, there are many other goodies available too.  From wireless charging to various protective cases, there are plenty of dongles and adapters too which can be easily used with your iPhone.

Whenever you are buying a new iPhone, make sure that you also buy essential accessories to go with your iPhone which will make it manageable too.

Powerbank for iPhone

If you are looking for some very practical accessory for your apple phone, you must consider buying this one. It not only gives your phone a reliable second battery but it also has a wireless charging built in, in case you need to charge your phone in the absence of a charger. It has a good display protection and microfiber flannel interior which ensures the safety of your phone.

Tamoria 3D Phone Camera Lenses

This helps you with the best photography. Although the latest smartphones come with good quality camera features, but there are certain limits too. These extra lenses will give you the top-quality artistic photos and you can finally walk around without any DSLR. Also, it will provide an additional UV filter protection to your camera lenses. Since iPhone 11 and 12 series are the best smartphones with great camera quality, you must not miss this one.

iPhone headphone adapter

 is something which you should always look for. You should go for this cheap but quality dongle in order to own the best adapter in the business. Along with it a wireless charger also sounds good. You need not run around for sockets or charging spots for getting your phone charger up. All you need to do is get a wireless charger and start acting productively.

Cambond Waterproof Pouch

We know the latest iPhones are absolutely waterproof, but why taking a risk? This is very useful for the outdoor photographers because you need to carry your phone everywhere and the location you visit might not be suitable for your iPhone’s safety. You can put your iPhone in this waterproof pouch which can protect your expensive smartphone from all types of weather.