Some of the Best Tech News App

Some of the Best Tech News App

December 3, 2020 0 By currenta

Let’s accept the fact that technology around has been evolving at a faster pace and the entire industry of technology is now undergoing the rapid transitions. Every now and then, we come across new technology, new gadgets and more and its important to stay updated in this growing world? Not a newspaper person? Well, that’s okay. Your smartphones can be your newspaper now. In this article we will be discussing about some of the best tech news apps that are now available on android. Check out the list below

Listed below are the best tech news app that are great for android users.


Medium is considered to be one of the best platforms that permits users to share their opinions about all the current affairs happening around the place. However, medium is not thoroughly a tech news based app as it covers other sections of the news too. In addition, you will have lot to explore a lot of gadgets, tech-related news, science and lot more.


Dripplier is another popular app that revolves around the technology that goes around the tech industry. The app is equipped with compelling features like exploring and saving the news to read it later on in case you are running out of time. Firstly, the app detects your smartphone that displays tips and tricks that works with the smartphone and this feature has already grabbed a lot of attention.


TechCrunch is the appropriate medium to know more about start-up, venture, gadgets, technology and such more. What makes this app to stand out is its customization options so that you can easily reach out to the topic of your own choice and this features make this app a perfect choice for tech lovers.


Inshorts is one of the most unique app available on the market today. This app initially collects all the data from various national and international news sources and summarize it within 60 words to present it you so that you get to know everything without investing much of your time. Basically, it presents you the shorter version of news to you.

And here the list of best tech news app phones comes to an end. Do share your reviews about the same.

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