What Does Dpi Mean on a Mouse?

What Does Dpi Mean on a Mouse?

December 14, 2020 0 By currenta

A mouse is a most important part of computer hardware as it navigates and controls a cursor in GUI and can move and select the text, icons, files etc.In this article, we are going to answer for your question “What Does Dpi Mean on a Mouse?” and a basic mouse has five components that are listed below:

  • Buttons: A mouse contains two buttons, left and right for clicking and managing objects and text.
  • Laser or LED: An optical mouse has Laser or Led which tracks the movement of the mouse on X-Axis or Y-Axis and move the cursor on the screen.
  • Mouse Wheel: This function of a mouse is used to scroll up and down on a page.
  • Circuit Board: This takes all the information signal from the mouse and inputs on the computer. 
  • Cable or Wireless Receiver: For a wired mouse a USB port is available to connect it with the system and for a wireless mouse a USB receiver is available that should be connected with the system to make it active.

What is DPI and why it is important?

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The other most important hardware specification of a computer mouse is DPI. Let us discuss what does dpi mean on a mouse. DPI generally refers Dots Per Inch which tells you how fast is your computer mouse moves. A mouse having higher DPI means your mouse moves very fast and lower DPI means your mouse moves slower. It is a very important element for any computer hardware system because it enhances the user experience as well as the working capability of a user. If you are a regular computer user or very frequent to computer gaming then you must be aware of what does dpi mean on a mouse as this factor really changes your mouse using experience. 

How to find DPI of your mouse:

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DPI is just a hardware specification of a mouse whereas sensitivity is a software setting. Whenever you wish to buy a mouse you might have noticed in the specification corner of the box where there is mention about the DPI or else you can visit the brand website of your mouse and by mentioning the model number you can have a look. 

Can you change the DPI of a mouse?

Most of the mouse available in the market has fixed DPI settings in the hardware but you can change the speed settings from the computer system settings. Go to the settings panel of your system and search for mouse settings. Then at the mouse properties, you will find pointer options where you can adjust your required pointer speed.

As we have discussed what does dpi mean on a mouse in this article, you might have an answer that higher the DPI higher the speed of navigation will be and lower DPI will have less speed. Hope we have provided you with enough information on the query and wish to see you back in the next article. Thank You for reading.